Dirtworks is a Woman Owned HUBZone small business. We perform works under NAICS codes 212321, 221310, 237110 -primary, 236115/6, 237210, 237310, 237990, 238910,  Dirtworks has an excellent standing with Alaska customers as well as out of state clients.  Dirtworks is fully licensed, bonded and insured and works as a general as well as specialty contractor.


Commitment to Quality

House Sites
Muni/ADEC Septics
Commercial Site Prep

At Dirtworks, Inc. we've built our livelihoods on residential and commercial development. Scott and Dianne Johnson started Dirtworks in 1989 and has expanded gradually ever since.  Our employees are eager to serve the entire scope of the industry; we work year round to better serve our clients.

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